What can I do about SPAM?

According to a recent study, Why Am I Getting All This Spam? published by the Center for Democracy & Technology in March of 2003, you can significantly reduce unwanted commercial email by not posting your email address on publicly accessible web bulletin boards and news groups. If you do wish to post, simply writing your email address in a form that makes it unrecognizable to automated harvesting techniques will (at the present time) protect you. A typical strategy is to use the word "at" instead of the @ symbol and the word "dot" instead of a literal dot.

But what can you do about the unwanted mail that is already being sent? Filtering is an option. Most popular email client software, including Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Kmail, and many others have user configurable filters which allow you to manage unwanted mail.

Here at Sublunar Networks, we can help you customize your filters, and we can also implement spam control strategies on your mail server.

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