How can I get another year (or more) of use out of my old computer?

That shiny new computer you bought a few years ago is slower and crankier every day. Time to buy a new one? Maybe not.

Adding more RAM can make your computer respond faster and reduce random freezes. Older hard drives and CDROMs, and the IDE bus that connects them to the computer, can be upgraded. If you own a PowerMac, a CPU upgrade will give you G3 or G4 speed and allow to keep using your SCSI peripherals (the benefits of CPU upgrades for PCs are less dramatic).

But maybe you are ready to take advantage of the low prices on new equipment. Don't throw away the old one-- turn it into a workgroup resource. Perhaps your small office needs a central fileserver. Maybe you need a company-wide customer database, a scanner station, or an intranet calendar -- these and many other capabilities can be implemented inexpensively with open source software. Let Sublunar Networks show you how to get more value from your "obsolete" equipment.

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